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ANJUDI3 was founded to provide exceptional bookkeeping services to specialty beverage creators. The name comes from using the first two letters of each of the German exchange students' first names with whom founder Becky Hesson was lucky enough to spend their junior year in high school.

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Becky started ANJUDI3 because she wanted to show the girls she hosted that they can do whatever they want to do using their positivity! Anja, Julia and Diana will always have a special place in her heart and will always be her special daughters!


Becky’s professional background is in the tech industry. She also holds partial ownership as a shareholder of Willamette Valley Vineyards in Oregon. She's LEAD certified in the state of California, has been a member Texas Wine & Grape Growers since 2020, and even sponsored one of their virtual events. In 2023 she joined the Texas Craft Brewers Guild with the goal of learning more about the industry and creating connections with her clients and their passion. Recently, she's become the Membership Coordinator for the new Texas Hill Country Chapter of Women for Winesense.

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Worldwide Community Involvement

ANJUDI3 believes in the importance of giving back to communities on a global level. We are a proud supporter of Tankproof, a non-profit organization dedicated to making communities safer by providing access, equity, and opportunity to youths in under-served communities through swimming lessons and meal programs. 


We invest in continuing education materials that contribute their proceeds to organizations like World Vision and Village Impact.


ANJUDI3 has also made contributions to St. Jude Children's Hospital and the Cal Farley Boys Ranch.

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